Lithium iron phosphate batteries

Lithium batteries provide up to 10 times longer life than lead-acid batteries, and still provide 80% of rated capacity after 2,000 cycles. Lithium can be charged and discharged at a high rate providing maximum versatility for all types of applications, see range attached.

Relion Lithium iron phosphate batteries offer significant advantages, including improved discharge and charge efficiency, longer life span and the ability to deep cycle while maintaining power. LiFePO4 batteries often come with a higher price tag, but a much better cost over life of the product. No maintenance and super long life makes them a worthwhile investment and a smart long-term solution.

Typical applications: Rail & Infrastructure, medical, Emergency lighting, Telecommunications, Caravanning, Marine

  • Inherently safe chemistry. BMS provides extra protection.
  • 25-50% more capacity than lead-acid equivalent.
  • Full power available throughout discharge. Voltage does not drop like lead-acid.
  • Highly efficient charging. Can fully charge in 1-3 hours. Built-in overcharge protection.
  • Safely operational up to 65°C
  • Non-Hazardous

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