Our railway specialists have the passion and commitment to successfully deliver solutions for the railway industry.
We are the industry leader in railway systems for power surge and lightning issues, infrastructure upgrades and renewals, and track signalling. Our team has previously worked for infrastructure controllers, operators, and contractors. We understand the vital need for robust and reliable systems and their integration into the network, which is why we provide comprehensive solutions to optimise our products. Our range includes protection devices for signalling, telecommunications, power circuits, and for remote connection interfaces. Our understanding of systems and safety concerns in railway projects ensure that we always address all client and industry requirements. We provide bespoke electrical and electronic equipment along with a collection of surge and lightning products for railway signalling and power applications. Some of our solutions are:
  • Signal connection terminals
  • Surge and lightning protection for signal and power applications
  • Protection of the 230/400 V supply network against lightning strikes and power surges
  • Protection of signal and communication lines against lightning and surge voltages
  • Line power filters
  • Industrial switchmode battery charger/power supply
  • Remote solar power products
As the rail transport market evolves, challenges will arise which require unorthodox approaches and innovative solutions. Because of this, our technical expertise in providing surge and lightning protection has never been more crucial. We work collaboratively with our clients from start to finish, from pre-feasibility and business case preparation through to the operation and maintenance phases. Our clients will always be involved every step of the way.