Pivot offers a comprehensive range of the Fullriver DC Series deep-cycle AGM batteries, that are ideal for applications requiring sealed batteries for heavy-duty cycling and storage applications. 

Fullriver AGM Deep-Cycle batteries are used in numerous applications and are the preferred option where safety, cleanliness, long-life and totally maintenance-free operation are desired.

Typical applications: Rail & Infrastructure, medical, Emergency lighting, Telecommunications

  • Thicker, Full-Frame plates
  • High-purity lead-calcium-alloy grids
  • High-Density active paste – improved capacity
  • Unique Low-resistance microporous glass-mat separators
  • Self-Regulating Pressure Relief Valves
  • Low self-discharge rate – 2% per month at 20C
  • Faster recharge acceptance
  • Longer cycle-life
  • Ultra-reliable
  • Package options

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